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MassHealth Toolkit in Preparation for Member Redeterminations

In March 2020, MassHealth put protections in place during the COVID-19 pandemic emergency that prevented termination of Member coverage. When continuous coverage requirements end on April 1, 2023, MassHealth will return to its standard annual eligibility renewal processes. The MassHealth Redetermination Communications Toolkit includes key messages and materials for you share in your offices, community spaces, and multi-channel communications to help inform all Members about this important information.

Important Information About COVID-19

Providers, please click here for Provider Alerts, Beacon/MBHP Broadcasts, MassHealth Bulletins, and other resources on COVID-19.

MassHealth Pharmacy Program

On the MassHealth Pharmacy Program website, behavioral health providers have access to the MassHealth Drug List and updates, as well as pharmacy facts and communications and educational notices for providers involved in prescribing drugs.